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David D'Addario - Leadership in Diverse Metals Industries and Beyond

David D'Addario

David D’Addario is a respected business executive who currently serves as chairman and CEO of New Day Aluminum, LLC, and directs subsidiaries such as Noranda Alumina and Noranda Bauxite. David D’Addario’s industry experience includes senior positions with leading aluminum recycling companies such as TOMRA, NEROC, and Wise Recycling. As CEO of the Wise Metals Group, he grew the company to become the third-largest global producer of can stock for the food and beverage industry.

Over the years, Mr. D’Addario has overseen diverse transactions that improved infrastructure capacities in the industries he served. In May 2017, it was announced that Noranda Alumina would invest $35 million in expanding its Louisiana alumina refinery. Adding 65 permanent jobs to local operations, the expansion will bring capacity for chemical-grade alumina production up to 200,000 metric tons by the spring of 2018.

DADA Holdings, which is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is an investment and management company that operates in the metals and mining sector, among others. Its affiliate New Day Aluminium acquired a bauxite mining operation and alumina refinery from Noranda Inc. in 2016.